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Snakes are a somewhat unusual pet.  Most people think that they have no personalities at all, and can't fathom why anybody would want to own one (or more).  On the contrary, we feel snakes have distinct personalities and preferences similar to other pets.  Here you'll find pictures and information about snakes, featuring many from our private collection.  You can click on most of the pictures on this website to "zoom in". Enjoy!


Click here for some tips for safeguarding your friends and family around your home, and on the trail.  If you are concerned particularly about Rattlesnakes, Click here for some excellent information. If you find a rattlesnake on your property, and need it removed, please DON'T KILL IT - you could be injured yourself in the process, and we really hate to see any snake be killed. Call our snake removal hotline at (909) 570-1313.


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Saturday, May 19 2012 we will be presenting at the South Bay Unified High School District Science Fair in Long beach.  This is our 9th year in a row attending!  CLICK HERE to go to our Outreach section and see pictures of previous events.  See the "Upcoming Events" (to the right) for more details.

Want to see one of our "kids" on TV?  CLICK HERE to see a video of Tweety starring on Dancing With The Stars.  She's back-stage with Jane Seymour, teaching her how to move her hips for the "Mambo".

Here is some footage taken at the 2009 Orange County Pet Expo. This is snake-level footage of Cuddles.


Rescues / Adoptions

As a member of the Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network (RARN), we rescue and relocate snakes.  After any necessary medical treatment and a rehabilitation period, we find loving homes for these poor unwanted snakes. Please contact us if you know of a snake which needs help.

Snake Relocation Hotline


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